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Pin Grading

At Jelly Kat Studio, we categorise pins into our Standard and Seconds quality ratings. All pins are reviewed and graded before they're listed on the website for sale. 

Naturally, as a handmade product, there may be some minor imperfections so please do take this into account when purchasing.

Standard Pins

We label Standard Pins as ones that we consider to be near perfect. However, minor errors may be present.

For example:

  • Minor scratch marks.
  • Minor issues with the metal plating.
  • Slightly underfilled or overfilled enamel.

Seconds Pins

Pins that we label as Seconds will have more noticeable flaws. As this is all reviewed in house and by hand, you may end up lucking out and getting a Standard Grade pin as a second. If so, congratulations, and enjoy!

This can include:

  • Easily noticeable marks or scratches.
  • Notable stains in the enamel.
  • Major issues with metal plating.
  • Incorrect enamel colour filling.

Any purchase made through Jelly Kat Studio, is considered to be covered under this grading information.